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Why #miaraka?

Amidst this global pandemic, Madagascar is struggling on all fronts; we are aware of the situation and how devastating it has been for our families, friends, and for Malagasy people back home.

Miaraka (Mee-ah-rah-ka)- is a Malagasy word that means "together".

#MIARAKA Project is a call to action and collaboration of everyone including: Malagasy organizations, businesses, nonprofits, artists, professionals to come together and promote a relief initiative mobilizing the diaspora through the platforms we have available.

We at Malagasy in The USA (MUSA) are inviting the diaspora all around the world to join us with this fundraiser. “Team work makes the dream work”. We believe that by working together and having a diverse range of organizations, businesses and people working together, we can create one major fundraising that will certainly make a major impact to our community at home.

We have reached $1,015 of your goal that will benefit ​Emergency Ward at Hospital Ambatolampy & Antsirabe

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